History of Saint Joseph's Parish

Shortly after their arrival from Ireland, the Catholic immigrants petitioned the Archbishop of New York for a priest to minister to them in this far off mission. The faithful were first ministered by priests from Troy and only later from Port Henry and Ticonderoga. In 1847 the people constructed a small church in Irishtown, but within a few years tanneries were erected in the Township of Minerva at Olmstedville. Because the majority of the parishioners lived in that community, a larger church was built there in 1871. A resident pastor was assigned shortly thereafter. At various times the priest served as pastor of missions in Wells, Indian Lake, and Schroon Lake. A pastor lived in the parish until 1989 when the priest at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Schroon Lake was given charge of the parish. Since that time the parish house in Olmstedville has been a resident first for a retired priest and later retired religious sisters. Today it is under the direction of Father Phillip Allen from Saint Mary's Parish in Indian Lake.

Father Phillip Allen

In September of 2014, Father Allen graciously agreed to take over the pastoring of our parish, along with his duties as pastor of St Mary's in Indian Lake and St Paul's in Blue Mountain Lake. Since that time, he has made it his goal to familiarize himself with every household in the parish. His humility, patience and spiritual wisdom make him a true father figure to our church family.

Father Allen has served as a priest in the Diocese of Ogdensburg for 56 years. He is an avid hiker and accomplished gardener. 

Our Pastor

St Joseph's 100th Anniversary

Link to the 1971 publication of the 100th anniversary celebration of St Joseph's Parish

Our Parish

St Joseph's Church is a sister parish partnered with St Mary's Church in Indian Lake, and St Paul's in Blue Mountain Lake. We are under the guidance of our Pastor, Father Phillip Allen. 

You are invited!
Are you waiting for an invitation? This is it! Join us for Holy Mass this Sunday! At St. Joseph's you will be welcomed by parishioners who will treat you with respect and warmth regardless of your faith background, age, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

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Celebrating 150 years    1871-2021