​​​​​​​​​​​St Joseph's Catholic Church​


Celebrating 150 years    1871-2021

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Our prayer line coordinator is Florencetta Savarie. She can be reached at 251-2507.

St Mary's

​Indian Lake

St. Joseph's


St. Paul's

​Blue Mt Lake

All Parishes Contact Information:

Rectory Phone:518-648-5422

Email: smil@frontiernet.net

Fax: 518-648-0323

Pastor: Phillip T Allen

           PO Box 332

           Indian Lake, NY 12842

Parish Secretary: Ursula Gallager

Religious Education:

   St Mary's: Mrs Carol Paschal

   St Joseph's: Mrs Diane McNally


  St Mary's: Aaron Gadway & Michelle DeShaw

  St. Paul's: Joe Whitman & Sean Curry

  St Joseph's: Diane McNally & Amanda Savarie

Prayer Line Coordinators:

  St Mary's: Georgene Ruckdeschel 631-605-0120

  St Paul's: Camille Bodden 518-352-1980

  St Joseph's: Florencetta Savarie 518-251-2507


  Confession: Before weekend Mass and by appointment

  Baptism: Contact priest 2 weeks prior to Baptism

  Marriage: Contact priest 6 months in advance

  Sacrament of the Sick: Inform priest about the person to be anointed

Crisis Pregnancy: 518-434-1293

To Report Abuse: Terrianne Yanulovick at 518-569-0612